Understanding Our Customers in the Construction Industry

Katie Mosher

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Hi, Katie here.
In the construction industry, building strong relationships with customers is crucial for success, and it’s no different in the bookkeeping business either. So we thought we would take a moment on Get to Know Your Customers Day, to tell you the types of customers we specialize in serving.
Whether you’re a general contractor, subcontractor (ie electrician, plumber, roofer, HVAC, radon mitigation, asbestos mitigation, carpenter, commercial landscaper, painter, drywall framer, etc), security guard company or any other business that supports the construction industry, your reputation in how you manage your projects’ finances means everything. The better grasp of those possible overages or deficiencies, the greater the ability to manage projects promptly and efficiently, the happier the customer.  When you don’t have that understanding, things can get out of hand quickly, causing customers to lose faith in your company's abilities.  More specifically, if you do not fulfill all of your customer's expectations (e.g., deliver on time and in accordance with their stated budget) then those customers will stop working with you and may even terminate their contracts with you altogether.
Our team and referral network is full of experienced professionals in different industries that can assist you with your business needs:
+ Bookkeeping / Accounting services (taxes, invoices, etc)
+ Tax preparation (filing taxes & forms)
+ Contractors’ expense reporting & management
+ Contractor agreements & contracts
+ Insurance policies & coverage management
+ Refinancing loans to contractors
+ Legal advice (contracts, legal issues, invoices, etc)
With our experience working with general contractors and sub-contractors, we can provide you with all your needs throughout your construction endeavors, whether it's accounting help or financial planning we can do it all!

Katie Mosher
970-833-5442 office

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